Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thursday, December 31

It seemed like overnight, Emma outgrew her kennel.  Unfortunately, she is still a little small for the full-size crate we bought her as soon as we got home to Atlanta.  She definitely has room to grow now!

Wednesday, December 30

Finally!  The beard is gone!

Tuesday, December 29

At the Sheraton in Indianapolis, John took charge of getting Emma to and from our 4th-floor suite.

Monday, December 28

I ate the last of the Christmas sweets today -- including my Santa cookie from Cindy.

Sunday, December 27

We had so much fun during the first day at the farm, we went back again on Sunday.  The snow totally tired out all of us - especially Emma, who crawled right into Jenna's arms after running in the snow for a few hours.

Saturday, December 26

We went to Grandpa's farm to snowmobile, sled and introduce Emma to playing hard in the snow.  We also attended the Ertel's holiday open house later in the day.

Friday, December 25

Thanks to Jenna, we woke up at 5.30am Christmas morning to celebrate Christmas.  The day had all of the traditional trimmings: presents in front of the tree, an indulgent breakfast, visiting the Suro family with 'Santa Jim,' and dinner to top the day off.